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About MUNIRevs Home Rule Portal

Discover smarter sales tax filing with our easy one upload and one payment filing solution.

Our MUNIRevs founder, Erin Neer, has been working in municipal finance for over 17 years. As a former finance director for a town in Colorado, she realized that the way sales taxes were collected was archaic. She was incredulous that businesses were still sending in manually calculated paper coupons to remit their taxes – and, even worse, that the city staff then had to handle that mail, key in the data and make a deposit to the bank. So, Erin created a solution: MUNIRevs.

Established in 2011, MUNIRevs works with communities to automate their business revenue collection. Backed by a lifetime of experience in municipal finance, our team has revolutionized the tax and licensing process.

The MUNIRevs municipality solution is being implemented in 25% of the Home Rule Jurisdictions. While providing expert care to each and every one of our 35,000 business customers, a solution for smarter multi-jurisdiction filing came to light, the MUNIRevs Home Rule Portal.

The Home Rule Portal has been built upon the user friendly MUNIRevs system to deliver a simple solution with one upload and one payment to file in all 70 jurisdictions.  Just as with MUNIRevs, our Colorado based Home Rule Portal team is here to support you and ensure the easiest filing solution.

“We are so happy to have this service available to do one upload and one payment to all the CO Home Rule Jurisdictions at one time!  Everything is easy from uploading the data to making the payment.  The time savings is incredible!  We went from filling out individual returns, requesting checks, and mailing returns to just one upload and filing/paying online. The labor hours has been reduced from 8 hours to less than 30 minutes and even more hours when filing quarter end returns.

We are familiar with MUNIRevs from individual CO Homerule cities that have their online file and pay through this same portal.  We had a certain level of trust already established just by our familiarity with the company .  The support you receive from their support desk (in particular their support specialist Tyler) is excellent.  They are very responsive via phone and email and often contact you within the same hour if not available on the phone.  We love this service and highly recommend it.” - Christine at American Honda Finance Corporation